About Us

"anam" is just a made-up word. The word that we came up with from "anamorphous".

Now this word, "anamorphous" has a very interesting meaning. It means an image or drawing distorted in such a way that it becomes recognizable only when viewed in a specific manner, and the process involved is known as anamorphosis.
Each individual has a specific way or manner by which they look at things or objects or events. Thus generating individuality and individual perception. Every set of given requirements have a range of solutions, but fining a specific solution for each individual is the key concern for us, and not the generic version for the same. We tend to the clients need which are recognized by them as the apt solutions for them.
And this is how the name "anam" came up. Which does not hold any preconceived notions rather have the freedom; freedom for ideas and expressions to manifest into varied spaces & places…

Which when viewed from clients perspectives sets immense recognition by their needs and aspiration. In short we try and reflect our clients individuality in the spaces designed for them.


Creativity is Intelligence having Fun.

Albert Einstein

"anam Architects" is a group of young enthusiastic architects who in collaboration come up with best suited solutions for every client we associate.

We cater services all over Gujarat, Rajasthan and Mumbai.

We have offices in Ahmedabad, Modasa, Rajkot & Surat for easy approach to our wide cliental base.

We provide architectural, interior and landscape consultancy. Our aim is to provide clients with expected quality of work in the given time frame. Our team comprises of architects, planners, interiors, engineers & skilled craftsmen.

We extend our services for construction, turn-key projects, product & furniture designing through our allied firms adding value to your work and providing in house services.


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